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About Us


Origin & Founder

Approximately 200 kilometres north of Cape Town, in the fertile Western Cape Province, the rugged Cederberg Mountain range surrounds a plateau. 

Further north of the town Ceres, named after the Roman Goddess of Fruitfulness for good reason, at 1050 metres above sea level, lies the Koue Bokkeveld.

A literal translation from the Afrikaans language, Koue Bokkeveld means “Cold Buck Shrubland” and as the name suggests, the winter months are especially cold. It was so cold that the original settlers had to be paid special subsidies to settle in the area. The summers are short, dry and hot, but with rivers and dams providing fresh mountain water, the scene was set to grow some of the world’s finest fruit and vegetables.

This is where the forefather of one of South Africa’s leading fruit and vegetable growers, Dutoit Agri, established the basis for which was to become one of the country’s largest agricultural businesses. Gysbertus du Toit (I) settled on Kromfontein Farm more than 120 years ago. An imposing man, who, if around today, would have smiled at what subsequent generations have achieved.

Historical Overview

The Du Toit Family settles on Kromfontein Farm

The first fruit trees planted and exported

Farming activities structured into that of a Company, one of the first farming enterprises to do so

Gysbertus du Toit the third and his brother, Jan-Linde Beyers du Toit, divides the business into two separate entities, namely Kromfontein and Lindeshof

Mid 1960’s
The building of irrigation dams and the arrival of electricity to the Koue Bokkeveld which leads to an increased rate of expansion

Paardekloof Farm purchased in a joint venture

Central Packing facilities built in Ceres. Centralisation of support functions such as technical, admin, finance and human resources.
The Dutoit trade name registered

First fruit from Kromfontein, Lindeshof and Paardekloof packed together

Jan Linde Beyers du Toit announced as National Farmer of the Year by Landbouskrywers Suid-Afrika (Agricultural Writers SA) 

Jan-Linde du Toit awarded with the OHS Reinecke industry leader award by The Deciduous Fruit Industry and ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij. 

A total of 80 000 tons of fruit and vegetables produced

Crispy Coolers launched as an Empowerment project with 1300 farm workers as shareholders

After deregulation and the abolishment of one-channel marketing, Dutoit starts handling their own international marketing

Expand production to the Eastern Cape, specifically in the Langkloof area

Crispy Farming, a broad based black economic empowerment agri-business, launched

Dutoit markets 200 000 tons of fresh produce
Dutoit announced as the Kaapstad Sakekamer and Die Burger Sakeleier van die Jaar (Cape Town Business Chamber and Die Burger’s Business Leader of the Year) 
Jan-Linde du Toit awarded for his outstanding service and excellent leadership by the Canning Fruit Industry during the Deciduous Fruit industries gala evening

Gys du Toit IV awarded with the OHS Reinecke industry leader award by The Deciduous Fruit Industry and ARC Infruitec-Nietvoorbij
Dutoit Agri structured in 8 divisions