Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Cherry Time™

Over 120 years ago, the Du Toit family settled in the Western Cape’s fertile Koue Bokkeveld (“Cold Buck Shrubland”) region. With good soil and lots of pure mountain water to work with, they started growing top-quality fruit and vegetables. Since then, the business has sprouted up. Today, the Dutoit Group grows some of the country’s freshest, finest produce and works the land on numerous farms in the Western and Eastern Cape.

We’re still as picky about our produce today as we were from the get-go. When we realised that the Koue Bokkeveld’s long, freezing-cold winters are perfect for growing cherries, we spent years searching for just the right cultivar. Finally, we found the one. The plumpest, juiciest of the bunch – Cherry Time™.

When the time is ripe, Cherry Time™ cherries are picked, packed and cooled in a flash to make sure they reach you as fresh and healthy as can be. Cherry-picked for the best quality.

Cherry Time™ believes that the same love and care that goes into the production of Cherry Time™ cherries, should also be invested in the welfare of our farmworkers and their children. We recognise our responsibility to the people in the communities in which we operate. Every year a portion of our local profits go towards improving the lives of our farmworkers and their families, making Cherry Time™ sustainable not only for this season, but also for the future.

Sharing the fruits of our labours:

Excelsior Day-Care Centre
The increased number of children at Excelsior, one of the Dutoit Agri cherry farms, has created interest under the Cherry Time™ team with a focus on the development of a new day-care centre. Cherry Time™ has donated R300 000 to help provide a safe learning environment that can benefit the farmworkers children for years to come — and ultimately build a stronger community.

Due to Cherry Time™’s passionate approach to social development, DLX Logistics now also supports the Excelsior day-care project with a donation of R250 000. DLX values the importance of education and is excited about this incredible project. DLX Logistics is directly involved in the transport and logistics of Cherry Time™, ensuring that the freshest and healthiest cherries is supplied.

With this project, Cherry Time™ in partnership with DLX Logistics strives to change the lives of the farmworkers children by providing the opportunities that the children deserve. We take time to understand the needs of each farm and build long-term relationships to create lasting change to ensure that our children get the maximum benefit from the donation.

Tandfontein Health-Care Clinic
Cherry Time™ is collaborating with the Tandfontein management team to develop a fully equipped clinic which will provide medical services on a weekly basis to all farmworkers and their families.

This project will support the Health Plan already implemented by Dutoit Agri, which entails the appointment of qualified nurses and trained healthcare workers. We’re dedicated to improving the delivery and access of primary health care on Tandfontein. Hundreds of farmworker families will soon have easier access to affordable health care with the launch of the health-care clinic.

Day-Care Season Celebrations

Cherry Time™ is hosting its first children’s Christmas party for the farmworkers children and also children associated with the community we operate in. The events will be held during December at the day-care centres of the Dutoit Agri cherry farms (Kromfontein, Excelsior and Nooitgedacht).

Funded via the Cherry Time™ social development initiative, the event will treat the children to games, eats and drinks as well as a gift for each child.

The festivities will focus on the true meaning of Christmas and that it is not the things we do around Christmas that counts but those Christmas things we do throughout the year that really matters. It is the time of goodwill and sharing. The main purpose is to create a space where the children can feel safe, important and dignified.

We look forward to making this an annual event where the opportunity for personal growth and constructive engagement will be promoted. 

By implementing these various social and developmental projects aimed at benefiting the farmworkers and their communities we focus on: 

  • Community inclusiveness and integration
  • Social and economic growth
  • Training and skills improvement

Additional community projects will be expanded to other farms within Dutoit Agri as the Cherry Time™ brand grows and more funds become available. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get involved.

In all instances, family and community care is prioritised.

Cherry Time™ can be ordered online at We deliver in areas of the Western Cape. Fresh every time. Any time while stocks last.

Cherry Time™ is also available at selected Pick n Pay stores