The Dutoit Group (Pty) Ltd launches Cherry Time

Ceres, Western Cape. The Dutoit Group (Pty) Ltd has launched their latest fresh produce brand, Cherry Time. Produced by the group, these locally grown, superior quality cherries will be marketed under this brand during the cherry season that runs from November to January.

“We have obtained the exclusive rights for the growing and marketing of a series of cultivars from the Zaiger Group from California in the United States,’’ says Pieter du Toit, Managing Director at the Dutoit Group.

Traditional cherry varieties in South Africa had very high chilling requirements. This meant that they could only be planted in specially selected climatic regions. The new varieties can be planted in milder regions, which have opened the door for the Dutoit Group to dramatically increase their cherry production and marketing.

The short Cherry Time season coincides with the South African summer and traditional holiday months. The brand will focus on the health benefits cherries provide, making Cherry Time the perfect summer snack to share. Central to the brand is the belief that the same effort and care that goes into the production and marketing of Cherry Time must be invested in the Cherry Time farm workers. A portion of the Cherry Time income will be plowed back directly into projects aimed at supporting the farm workers’ children.

Asked about his dream for Cherry Time, Du Toit said: “Our vision for Cherry Time is that every customer will enjoy the wonderful experience of taking a bite into a freshly picked cherry, knowing that it was brought to them straight from the tree with great care and in a socially responsible way.”

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About the Dutoit Group
The Dutoit Group is a market leader in the South African Agricultural Sector. Situated in the Ceres Valley of the Western Cape, the Dutoit Group was established in 1893 and has more than 120 years of experience in the production and distribution of quality fruit and vegetables. The Group produces, distributes and markets 250 000 tons of fresh produce a year and employs 7 500 workers in season. For more information on the Dutoit Group, visit