Mothers Day



Once a year, we get to celebrate the women who are the backbone of our society. The real superheroes also known as moms! We were lucky to chat to some of our Dutoit moms and got to know their families, what they teach their children and how they juggle work life and mom life. Read more about these superhero moms and how they make a difference every day.


Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Dutoit!


  1. Meet my family: 
  2. As a mom, I teach my kid(s) that the following are important characteristics:
  3. I’m really good at:
  4. What being a mom means to me:
  5. My juggling tip:


Therina Viljoen – Vastrap

  1. Husband, Jandri | Daughter, Jani, 10 years old | Son, Steph, 6 years
  2. To treat all people with respect, greet everyone, honesty, neatness, punctuality and to be   enthusiastic and energetic about life.
  3. Cooking for my family, showing empathy and care to others and being a hairdresser.
  4. My family is my everything. I like to be a protective, caring and loving mom who looks after the wellbeing of my children and always support them.
  5. Knowing what is expected from me. Planning, organising and preparing well in advance.


June Jantjies – Kromfontein

  1. Nadine 25 / Gail Mari 12
  2. Respek en om die minste te wees.
  3. Luister en raad te gee.
  4. Om ‘n ma te wees beteken om altyd daar te wees vir my kinders en om hulle in die wee van die Here groot te maak.
  5. Om ‘n voorbeeld vir jou kinders te wees.


Annah Khontsiwe – Gesondheidswerker Kromfontein

  1. Siyabonga 30 / Khanya 23
  2. Respect for yourself and others, do your best, be calm, hope and remember God is our father. 
  3. I am really good at connecting with them. Communication is important. 
  4. To be my children’s best friend.
  5. Hold them always, even when it is not always easy being a single parent.


Samantha Johnson - Hoofkantoor

  1. Husband, Derick Benwin Damon | Daughter, Samantha Aldoreth Damon | Son, Izaiah Ardie Damo, 5 months old
  2. This is a difficult question because my child is still very young but as a mother it is important to raise my child to know his self-worth so that he will know his value. The ability to love, so that he can love and be loved by others. But most of all honesty, kindness, and appreciation.
  3. I won’t say I’m really good, but I love playing the soprano saxophone, making music and I also love to sing.
  4. Firstly, it’s a gift from God to be a mother, and it is the most precious gift. Being a mom means more than having given birth to a child. It means being a good example for my kid in everything I do. Love in abundance. It is loving and knowing a soul before you even see it. It is carrying and caring for a life completely dependent on you for survival. It is building their self-esteem, supporting their dreams, and loving them unconditionally. To me, being a mother means being fearless, being a positive role model and a continuous cheerleader for every milestone my child will reach.
  5. Relax, take a deep breath, and try again, being a mom isn’t easy, but being the best you can be, means the world to any child.


Nondleko Gqalaqha – Lindeshof

  1. Mandikazi 25 years
  2. Respect.
  3. Cooking.
  4. Makes me happy.
  5. Support each other and communication.


Sara Kuvido – Lindeshof

  1. Anzel-Mare 17 / Samantha 24
  2. Eerlikheid, geduld, selfvertroue.
  3. Om te luister en raad te gee.
  4. Verantwoordelikheid. Ek is sommer ‘n onderwyser ook.
  5. Hou my oë gevestig op die Here vir krag elke dag.


Sara Jimmies – Lindeshof

  1. Mugelaine 37
  2. Respek, liefde, omgee en Geduld.
  3. Bak en brou.
  4. Ma-wees beteken net liefde en omgee.
  5. Bedags werkende ma, saans luisterende oor en ondersteuner.


Thea Fortuin – Dutoit Vrugte 

  1. Elthesia 15 years and Mi-tayla 11 years Baron
  2. To be obedient, to respect one another, to love and care for each other
  3. I'm good at cleaning and cooking
  4. Being a mother means a lot to me - to be responsible, to work hard for my kids, to strive to give them the best, not to spoil them, to treat them equally with love. Being a mother is not easy, but I would never trade it for anything in the world.
  5. I manage to lead a balanced life


Le-Mare van Niekerk – Dutoit Vrugte

  1. Albert, 4 jaar en 6 maande & Lika, 1 jaar en 8 maande
  2. Respekteer ander, veral vroue & as jy nie iets goed kan sê nie, dan bly jy stil. 
  3. Juggling work life with mom life (ek kan pleisters by die werk én by die huis plak)
  4. Om elke dag iets mooi in my kinders raak te sien en daarop te bou.
  5. Stel jou familie heel eerste, die res sal in plek val soos en wanneer dit moet. 


Donnegene (Dean) Baron – Paardekloof

  1. Themisha – 10 years old / Delandrè – 8 years old
  2. You are nothing without God and to always have respect for others.
  3. Making dinner in a rush 
  4. To teach my children there is no other way but God’s way.
  5. Being a mother of two you need to be good at multitasking. 


Julia Rankolane - Paardekloof

  1. Tsepang – 18 years old / Tlholohelo – 12 years old |  Tumo and Tumi – 7 years old (They are twins)
  2. To have respect for others and to know wrong from right.
  3. I am good at always being there for all four of my kids and supporting them no matter what.
  4. It means everything to me, and it is the most important job I have. My boys are my world!
  5. We all have choices to make, and they are not always easy or the right ones. No one is perfect but all of us get a chance to try and be a better mom every day. That is all you can do – just do your best every day.


Thea Swarts – Paardekloof

  1. Noah – 9 years old / Liam – 5 years old
  2. Teaching them how to love.
  3. I am good at giving them unconditional love and support.
  4. Regardless of how my day went, as soon as I see my kids, they make everything better, especially when I get warm hugs from my loving boys.
  5. Every day I try to be the best mom and give my boys the best life I possibly can.


Lenchen Visser – Paardekloof

  1. Ruben – 13 months old
  2. Faith and having a good relationship with God, respect, patience, responsibility, empathy, building a good self-esteem and to always work hard and follow your dreams!
  3. I think I am good at "living in the moment" and enjoying the time I get to spend with Ruben, as well as multitasking and having a good balance between motherhood, being a wife and working full time.
  4. Since becoming a mom I want to be better, do better, act better, and live better. Being a mom means unconditional love and support and putting your child’s needs first, while juggling "selfcare" at the same time. Sometimes being a mom is tough and a selfless job, but at the same time it is the most rewarding job there is. It keeps you humble. I love experiencing all the "firsts" with my little boy. Being a first-time mom, you sometimes feel overwhelmed but also in a good way... overwhelmed with love and joy. I strive to give my son the best possible upbringing, education, and opportunities I can.
  5. Sticking to a strict daily routine helps me to juggle work and motherhood. Planning and prepping in the evening for the following day is also a time saver, especially in the mornings! I am a planner and get a bit anxious if things are unorganised.


Liezel Hugo – Dutoit Groente

  1. Charl Hugo, 8 jaar oud / Carli Hugo, 5 jaar oud
  2. Doen alles asof jy dit vir Liewe Jesus doen. Bly altyd nederig. Hanteer mense met respek en behandel ander mense soos wat jy self behandel wil word.
  3. Drukkies en “high 5’s” te gee. Lekker kos te maak vir my gesin. Kiddies te bederf as hul gehoorsaam was of mooi gedoen het. 
  4. Onvoorwaardelike liefde! Kinders is ‘n geskenk van God en geniet elk oomblik saam met hulle, want tyd is so kosbaar. Raak kinderlik opgewonde oor die die klein dingetjies in die lewe.  
  5. Om alles vorige aand reg te kry vir skool en werk.


Abigail Gaba – Dutoit Groente

  1. Noah Gaba, 14 jaar oud en Emmanuel Gaba, 4 jaar oud
  2. Nederigheid, vriendelikheid, behulpsaamheid.
  3. Om te kook vir my gesin.
  4. Om 'n mamma te wees beteken jou hart loop buite jou lyf rond, want kyk, niemand kan vir jou kind voel wat jy voel nie. Dis onvoorwaardelike liefde en ‘n voorreg. Om 'n mamma te wees is regtig harde werk, maar wonderlik!
  5. Ons lewe net een keer so maak die beste van elke dag wat jy op die aarde geleen is.


Johanna Beukes – Lindeshof

  1. Julio 21 jaar / Chad 6 jaar
  2. I teach my kids to always be hardworking if they want to achieve something in life, to respect others and to have good manners and values.
  3. I am a good listener, counselor and problem solver for my kids.
  4. It is a blessing to be a mom, not all women have the privilege.
  5. Communicate with your kids and family. Tell them what your priorities are and share the workload as a team.


Sophia Kotze – Clinical Nurse Practitioner

  1. Daughter - Jomarié, 12 years | Son - Lukas 9 years old | Son - CH, 7 years old                                            
  2. Respect, be a disciple for Christ, never compare yourself to others, be your own flower and bloom wherever you are and always tell the truth.
  3. Photography, needle work, baking, gardening and caring.
  4. My biggest gift! My kids are my pride and joy.
  5. Praying!  Between my job and being a mom, I would not be able to cope without my husband’s support and other moms in the Koue Bokkeveld driving my kids to and from school and sport.  It is also important to make “me time”.  Have fun with your kids and spend quality time with each one!


Adel Ras - Hoofkantoor

  1. Jomienke Ras (4 jaar oud)
  2. Sjoe, daar is so baie: eerstens maniere (dankie en asseblief), respek, liefdevol met ‘n omgee- hart, wees regverdig en betroubaar.
  3. Moeilike vraag, omdat elke ma krities op haarself is. Mens sien eerste jou tekortkominge raak. Op die ou end moet jy maar net besef dat om ‘n goeie ma te wees, beteken nie noodwendig om perfek te wees nie –   “imperfection is beauty”.
  4. Om ‘n ma te wees is ‘n groot verantwoordelikheid. Ek sê elke dag dankie vir die Liewe Vader dat hy hierdie pragtige dogtertjie in my sorg toevertrou het en vertroue in my het om haar groot te maak, dit maak my trots.
  5. Hou ‘n taaklys/dagboek byderhand (what a cliché!), MAAR dit hou jou voorbereid. Op daardie manier kan jy ‘n gesonde balans handhaaf tussen werk, gesinstyd asook bietjie “me time”.


Karien Basset – Dutoit Bemarking

  1. Suzaan, 21, Carli, 18 and Pieter, 12 
  2. Always stay true to yourself, you are good enough and will succeed where you are meant to.
  3. I think I am really good at juggling motherhood and being a working mom (although it doesn’t always feel like it!), it is all about planning!
  4. Being a mom is a gift that keeps me humble and grateful, is it building my kids’ self-esteem, supporting their dreams and loving them unconditionally.
  5. Trying to always be one step ahead by planning and learning my kids to take responsibility.    


Florence Hlomela – Gesondheidswerker

  1. Palesa 30 / Lerato 23
  2. I am a supercool parent. I teach them to respect other people, respect themselves and respect the word of God. 
  3. I have a very close relationship with my children.
  4. To always be there for them so they feel free to discuss anything with me. 
  5. We support each other.